General requirements

In general, in order to access an official doctoral programme, it will be necessary to have the official Spanish degree titles, or equivalent, and a university Master, or equivalent, as long as it is over, at least, 300 ECTS credits as a whole in these two sectors of education.

In addition, there are other possibilities that allow access to the official doctoral studies, which are regulated in artícle 6 of the RD 99/2011.

Students with foreign qualifications

1. The student with a foreign degree without validation may apply for admission to doctoral studies provided they prove a level of studies equivalent to an official Spanish university master title that authorises the access to doctoral studies in the country where the title will be given. This admission will not imply, in any case, the validation of the previous title nor recognition for other purposes than access to these studies.

2. If necessary, in the student application for admission, there is also the possibility of simultaneously doing the application for equivalence. The CAPD will value the academic adequacy of the studies completed by the applicant and this circumstance must be included in the proposal of those accepted in the programme.

3. The resolutions of equivalence will be recorded in the student´s record and can be certified as any other aspect included.

4. Students may enrol without having to wait for the equivalence resolution, but the validity of their enrollment will remain conditional upon this declaration.