Training complements

In the case of another profiles different to the above, the Academic Committee will assess each case individually, in order to decide whether they students will require supplementary training (maximum up to 15 ECTS credits), specifying the subjects that must take (maximum three).

In the case of students who have not completed a master's course, they will need an equivalence of training in research credits at least equal to those of the master's that provides access, which equals at least 60 ECTS credits.

In the case of completing the additional training simultaneously with the academic supervision, the student must enroll for such training at the time of enrolling for the academic supervision in the doctoral programme.

Trining complements must be completed in the maximum period of three consecutive terms; if not, the PhD student will have to leave the corresponding doctoral programme.

These training complements will, for the purposes of public prices and the granting of scholarships and study grants, be considered as doctorate-level training. These credits will not compute for the purposes of the common requirements for access to the doctoral program.

In general, Training complements is made up of the compulsory and optional subjects of the Master in Chemical Research and Industrial Chemistry offered by the universities of Santiago de Compostela and Vigo.