Doctoral Programme in Chemical Sciences and Technology

Programme Faculty

Currently 121 professors and researchers are part of the doctoral program in Chemical Science and Technology, the complete list can be consulted below.

Regarding their research experience, the percentage of PDI with six-year terms over the total PDI with the possibility to be evaluated with six-year terms is 100%, with the average number of six-year terms per professor being 3.70.

Regarding scientific production, the faculty has published nearly 10,000 articles, with an average number of articles in JCR journals of 87. Another noteworthy indicator is the h index, an additional confirmation that the Program's faculty carry out significant research activity. The average h-index is 25. Around 12% have an h-index equal to or greater than 40, 16% have an h-index in the range 30-39, 43% between 20 and 29 and 29% have an h index less than 20, with a similar distribution in both universities.

The teaching staff is divided into 38 research groups, 28 at USC and 10 at UVigo. These groups have participated in the last 6 years in 214 projects of competitive calls.

Professor Position ORCID Area University
ABOAL SOMOZA,  MANUEL TU 0000-0002-0584-6289 Analytical Chemistry USC
Alonso Gómez, José Lorenzo TU 0000-0002-6107-0120 Organic Chemistry UVigo
AL-SOUFI  ,  WAJIH CU 0000-0003-2535-8546 Physical Chemistry USC
Álvarez Rodríguez,  María Rosana CU 0000-0001-5608-7561 Organic Chemistry UVigo
AMORIN LOPEZ,  MANUEL PCD 0000-0002-2992-5555 Organic Chemistry USC
Barciela Alonso,  M. Del Carmen TU 0000-0002-8518-3613 Analytical Chemistry USC
Bendicho Hernández,  José Carlos CU 0000-0002-8507-2104 Analytical Chemistry UVigo
BERMEJO BARRERA,  MARIA DEL PILAR CU 0000-0001-5864-6144 Analytical Chemistry USC
Besada Pereira,  Pedro TU 0000-0002-9985-9063 Organic Chemistry UVigo
Bolaño García,  Sandra TU 0000-0002-5013-9831 Inorganic Chemistry UVigo
Bravo Bernárdez,  Jorge CU 0000-0003-2136-5394 Inorganic Chemistry UVigo
CABALEIRO LAGO,  ENRIQUE MANUEL TU 0000-0001-5848-6523 Physical Chemistry USC
Carballo Rial,  Rosa CU 0000-0002-9094-8238 Inorganic Chemistry UVigo
CARRO DIAZ,  ANTONIA MARIA CU 0000-0002-5609-9690 Analytical Chemistry USC
CASAIS LAIÑO,  Mª DEL CARMEN TU 0000-0002-7646-2768 Analytical Chemistry USC
CID FERNÁNDEZ, Magdalena CU 0000-0003-1655-5580 Organic Chemistry UVigo
COBAS MARTINEZ,  AGUSTIN ANTON TU 0000-0001-6685-4162 Organic Chemistry USC
Coelho Cotón,  Alberto José PCD 0000-0001-6514-3967 Organic Chemistry USC
Couce Fortúnez,  Mª Delfina CU   Inorganic Chemistry UVigo
CRUGEIRAS MARTÍNEZ,  JUAN TU 0000-0003-0032-0621 Physical Chemistry USC
Domínguez González,  María Raquel TU 0000-0002-1831-3166 Analytical Chemistry USC
DURAN CARRIL,  MARIA LUZ TU 0000-0002-3261-6059 Inorganic Chemistry USC
Estévez Valcárcel, Carlos Manuel TU 0000-0002-5376-7120 Physical Chemistry USC
ESTEVEZ CABANAS,  JUAN CARLOS TU 0000-0001-9468-9045 Organic Chemistry USC
Estévez Cabanas,  Ramón José Profesor/a Emérito/a LOU 0000-0002-3764-0832 Organic Chemistry USC
Fall Diop,  Yagamare CU 0000-0002-0808-198X Organic Chemistry UVigo
FAÑANAS MASTRAL,  MARTIN TU 0000-0003-4903-0502 Organic Chemistry USC
Fernández Megía,  Eduardo CU 0000-0002-0405-4933 Organic Chemistry USC
FERNANDEZ RAMOS,  ANTONIO TU 0000-0002-6468-1592 Physical Chemistry USC
FERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZ,  BERTA CU 0000-0001-6686-6534 Physical Chemistry USC
FIOL LOPEZ,  SARAH CU 0000-0002-0079-6470 Physical Chemistry USC
FONDO BUSTO,  MARIA MATILDE TU 0000-0002-7535-946X Inorganic Chemistry USC
FREIRE IRIBARNE,  FELIX MANUEL TU 0000-0002-2672-5830 Organic Chemistry USC
GARCIA DEIBE,  ANA MARIA CU 0000-0001-9127-0740 Inorganic Chemistry USC
García Fontán,  M.Soledad CU 0000-0002-0239-3683 Inorganic Chemistry UVigo
GARCIA JARES,  CARMEN MARIA CU 0000-0002-2233-6512 Analytical Chemistry USC
GARCIA MERA,  XERARDO XUSTO CU 0000-0001-5218-6351 Organic Chemistry USC
GARCIA RIO,  LUIS CU 0000-0003-2802-8921 Physical Chemistry USC
GARCIA SANTOS,  MARIA ISABEL PCD 0000-0001-6779-0359 Physical Chemistry USC
Gómez Pacios,  Generosa CU 0000-0002-9467-1280 Organic Chemistry UVigo
González Bello,  Concepción CU 0000-0001-6439-553X Organic Chemistry USC
GONZALEZ NOYA,  ANA MARIA TU 0000-0002-5423-1934 Inorganic Chemistry USC
Granja Guillán,  Juan Ramón CU 0000-0002-5842-7504 Organic Chemistry USC
Graña Rodriguez,  Ana María CU 0000-0002-0794-2215 Physical Chemistry UVigo
GUITIAN RIVERA,  ENRIQUE CARLOS CU 0000-0003-4785-3812 Organic Chemistry USC
GULIAS COSTA,  MOISES TU 0000-0001-8093-2454 Organic Chemistry USC
HERRERO LATORRE,  CARLOS CU 0000-0002-6217-8141 Analytical Chemistry USC
JOVER RAMOS, AIDA TU 0000-0002-3614-8758 Physical Chemistry USC
LABISBAL VIQUEIRA,  MARIA ELENA PCD 0000-0003-0224-081X Inorganic Chemistry USC
Lavilla Beltrán,  María Isela TU 0000-0002-1326-8327 Analytical Chemistry UVigo
LAZZARI ,  MASSIMO CU 0000-0003-1300-6711 Physical Chemistry USC
LLOMPART VIZOSO,  MARIA PILAR CU 0000-0001-5631-9828 Analytical Chemistry USC
LOPEZ ESTEVEZ,  SUSANA TU 0000-0001-7678-1964 Organic Chemistry USC
LOPEZ GARCIA,  FERNANDO JOSE Investigador CSIC 0000-0002-0235-6858 Organic Chemistry USC
LOPEZ QUINTELA,  MANUEL ARTURO CU 0000-0002-4842-8028 Physical Chemistry USC
LORES AGUIN,  MARTA CU 0000-0001-7683-8342 Analytical Chemistry USC
MANEIRO MANEIRO,  MARCELINO TU 0000-0003-1258-3517 Inorganic Chemistry USC
MARTINEZ NUÑEZ,  EMILIO TU 0000-0001-6221-4977 Physical Chemistry USC
Mascareñas Cid,  Jose Luis CU 0000-0002-7789-700X Organic Chemistry USC
MONTENEGRO GARCIA,  JAVIER Investigador 0000-0001-6503-2095 Organic Chemistry USC
MOREDA PIÑEIRO,  ANTONIO CU 0000-0002-3512-6434 Analytical Chemistry USC
Mosquera Castro,  Ricardo Antonio CU 0000-0001-8252-9212 Physical Chemistry UVigo
MOURIÑO MOSQUERA,  ANTONIO Profesor/a Emérito/a LOU 0000-0003-4803-3883 Organic Chemistry USC
Muñoz López,  Luis CU 0000-0002-3346-5184 Organic Chemistry UVigo
Nappi, Manuel Investigador 0000-0002-3023-0574 Organic Chemistry USC
Novo Rodríguez,  María de la Merced TU 0000-0002-4869-289X Physical Chemistry USC
ORTIGUEIRA AMOR,  JUAN MANUEL TU 0000-0001-9930-5717 Inorganic Chemistry USC
PALEO PILLADO,  MARIA RITA TU 0000-0002-0095-3931 Organic Chemistry USC
PARAJO MONTES,  MARIA MERCEDES PCD 0000-0003-4016-2066 Physical Chemistry USC
PAZ CASTAÑAL,  MANUEL MARIA TU 0000-0002-5734-1266 Organic Chemistry USC
PEDRIDO CASTIÑEIRAS,  ROSA MARIA TU 0000-0002-6161-4108 Inorganic Chemistry USC
Pena Pereira, Francisco Javier Investigador/a 0000-0002-7721-7641 Analytical Chemistry UVigo
PEÑA GIL,  DIEGO CU 0000-0003-3814-589X Organic Chemistry USC
PEÑA VAZQUEZ,  ELENA MARIA TU 0000-0002-7213-9162 Analytical Chemistry USC
Perez Lourido,  Paulo Antonio TU 0000-0003-2281-3064 Physical Chemistry UVigo
Pérez Meirás,  María Dolores CU 0000-0003-0877-5938 Organic Chemistry USC
Prieto Jiménez,  Inmaculada TU 0000-0002-8279-3774 Inorganic Chemistry UVigo
QUINTANA ALVAREZ,  JOSE BENITO TU 0000-0002-2566-8133 Analytical Chemistry USC
QUIÑOA CABANA,  EMILIO CU 0000-0003-3019-3408 Organic Chemistry USC
RAMIL CRIADO,  MARIA TU 0000-0002-7724-9184 Analytical Chemistry USC
RIGUERA VEGA,  RICARDO JESUS Profesor/a Emérito/a LOU 0000-0001-5133-0454 Organic Chemistry USC
RIOS RODRIGUEZ,  MARIA DEL CARMEN TU 0000-0001-8306-3274 Physical Chemistry USC
Rivadulla Fernández,  José Francisco TU 0000-0003-3099-0159 Physical Chemistry USC
RODIL RODRIGUEZ,  MARIA DEL ROSARIO TU 0000-0002-7100-723X Analytical Chemistry USC
RODRIGUEZ DAFONTE,  PEDRO TU 0000-0001-6508-0388 Physical Chemistry USC
Rodríguez De Lera,  Ángel CU 0000-0001-6896-9078 Organic Chemistry UVigo
RODRIGUEZ OTERO,  JESUS CU 0000-0002-3669-5030 Physical Chemistry USC
RODRIGUEZ PEREIRO,  ISAAC CU 0000-0002-9693-2042 Analytical Chemistry USC
Rodríguez Prieto,  María de la Flor CU 0000-0001-6066-6320 Physical Chemistry USC
RUBI CANO,  ELISA MARIA TU 0000-0002-6642-9809 Analytical Chemistry USC
SAA RODRIGUEZ,  CARLOS EUGENIO CU 0000-0003-3213-4604 Organic Chemistry USC
Salonen, Laura Maria Investigador 0000-0001-8194-6014 Organic Chemistry UVigo
SÁNCHEZ GONZÁLEZ,  Mª ÁNGELES TU 0000-0001-9221-437X Inorganic Chemistry USC
SANCHEZ PEDREGAL,  VICTOR MANUEL TU 0000-0003-1581-0455 Organic Chemistry USC
Sanmartin Matalobos,  Jesus TU 0000-0002-9971-4657 Inorganic Chemistry USC
SARDINA LOPEZ,  FRANCISCO JAVIER CU 0000-0002-6758-0068 Organic Chemistry USC
SECO CASTRO,  JOSE MANUEL TU 0000-0001-5545-2854 Organic Chemistry USC
SEIJAS VAZQUEZ,  JULIO ANTONIO CU 0000-0002-5201-8873 Organic Chemistry USC
Sotelo Perez,  Eddy TU 0000-0001-5571-2812 Organic Chemistry USC
SOUSA PEDRARES,  ANTONIO PCD 0000-0003-4986-0637 Inorganic Chemistry USC
Souto Salgado, José Antonio TU 0000-0001-9138-8220 Organic Chemistry UVigo
Teijeira Bautista,  Marta TU 0000-0001-9833-134X Organic Chemistry UVigo
Terán Moldes,  María Carmen TU 0000-0003-4377-3604 Organic Chemistry UVigo
TOJO SUAREZ,  EMILIA CU 0000-0002-7099-3437 Organic Chemistry UVigo
Tojo Suárez,  María Concepción CU 0000-0002-4111-2207 Physical Chemistry UVigo
TORNEIRO ABUIN,  MERCEDES TU 0000-0003-0914-1769 Organic Chemistry USC
URIARTE VILLARES,  EUGENIO CU 0000-0001-6218-2899 Organic Chemistry USC
Valencia Matarranz,  Laura CU 0000-0003-0420-4441 Physical Chemistry UVigo
VARELA CARRETE,  JESUS ANGEL TU 0000-0001-8499-4257 Organic Chemistry USC
Vaz Araújo, Belén TU 0000-0002-7900-1430 Organic Chemistry UVigo
Vázquez Lopez,  Ezequiel Manuel CU 0000-0002-6012-0931 Inorganic Chemistry UVigo
VAZQUEZ LOPEZ,  MIGUEL TU 0000-0003-3376-3461 Inorganic Chemistry USC
VAZQUEZ RODRIGUEZ,  SAULO ANGEL CU 0000-0002-2473-4557 Physical Chemistry USC
VAZQUEZ SENTIS,  MARCO EUGENIO TU 0000-0001-7500-985X Organic Chemistry USC
VAZQUEZ TATO,  JOSE CU 0000-0002-2809-9001 Physical Chemistry USC
Vázquez Tato,  María del Pilar TU 0000-0003-3254-710X Organic Chemistry USC
VAZQUEZ VAZQUEZ,  CARLOS TU 0000-0003-3689-4993 Physical Chemistry USC
VILA ABAD,  JOSE MANUEL CU 0000-0003-2196-1022 Inorganic Chemistry USC
YEBRA BIURRUN,  MARIA DEL CARMEN CU 0000-0002-4029-9356 Analytical Chemistry USC

CU: Full professor; TU: Associate professor; PCD: Associate professor