Doctoral Programme in Chemical Sciences and Technology


Language and format

Every doctoral thesis will contain at least the following essential sections: summary, introduction, objectives, methodology, results, conclusions, bibliography and the evaluation reports of the supervisor and tutor.

As a general rule, the thesis will be written in Galician or Spanish. The thesis may also be written and defended in other common languages for scientific communication in your field of knowledge, as long as you have authorisation from your CAPD to do so. In these cases, you must include a summary in Galician or Spanish of no fewer than 3,000 words in the thesis.

Types of thesis

  • Monographic: classic format that does not include research-derived publications.
  • Monographic thesis with total or partial reproduction of publications 
  • Compendium of publications that includes at least three research contributions that you have prepared during the stage of completion of your thesis .

Mentions to the title

  • Industrial doctorate mention: it corresponds to an original work in which an industrial problem is answered or the development of an innovative project related to industry. It must be carried out within a company (from a private or public sector or Public Administration) in any area of knowledge.
  • International Doctorate mention: theses with a special international projection, carried out in collaboration with prestigious research and innovation centres and supported by accredited international experts.
  • Cotutelle (International joint supervision): doctoral thesis conducted under the direction of at least two supervisors belonging to two universities, USC/UVigo and another foreign university.

More information

More detailed information on the format and procedure for the defense of the thesis can be consulted on the websites of the doctoral schools: