Doctoral Programme in Chemical Sciences and Technology

Monitoring of PhD students

Thesis Supervision

Each student will have a designated tutor and one or two directors. In the event that one of the directors meets the requirements to be a tutor, this director will also assume the role of tutor.


The definitive admission of a PhD student in a Doctoral Program implies the assignment of a tutor, designated by the corresponding CAPD. He/She will be a professor assigned to the program with permanent position at the university and/or collaborating entity in the Doctoral Program.

In general, the tutor will have the following functions:

(i) ensure the interaction of the PhD student with the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program

ii) ensure the adaptation of the training and research activity of the PhD student to the lines of the Program

iii) guide the PhD student in the teaching and research activities of the program.

The CAPD may modify the appointment of the tutor at any time during the period of completion of the doctorate, provided that there are justified reasons. The PhD student can request  the change of tutor.


Within a maximum period of three months from enrollment, the CAPD will assign each doctoral student one or two supervisors.

The supervisor will be ultimately responsible for the coherence and suitability of the training activities, the impact and novelty in the field, the theme of the thesis and the guide in planning and its adequacy, where appropriate, to that of other projects and activities where the doctoral student is enrolled.

Any Spanish or foreign doctor with accredited research experience may be the thesis supervisor, regardless of the university, center or institution in which they provide her/his services.

The CAPD may modify the thesis supervisor at any time during the period of completion of the doctorate, provided that there are justified reasons. The PhD student can request the change of supervisor/supervisors.

Authorized profile

The authorized profile is the person, who acts as tutor or supervisor of a PhD student, in charge of transferring all the evaluation or management reports to the University's computer platform.

This authorized profile will inform the supervision agreement, the research plan, the activities document, the annual evaluation, the extension requests, the stay requests and, finally, the thesis to present it.

PhD students Monitoring

Supervision Agreement (SAD)

The Supervision Agreement Document (SAD) is the document that includes the functions of supervision, tutoring and monitoring of doctoral students. It specifies the conditions for carrying out the thesis, the rights and duties of the doctoral student, including possible intellectual and/or industrial copyrights arising from the research, acceptance of the dispute resolution procedure, as well as the duties of the tutor and thesis supervisor (positions that may be occupied by the same person).

Research plan

Within a maximum period of six months from the enrollment date of the first year and always before the end of the academic year, PhD students must have the research plan approved. This document must include the methodology that the doctoral student will use and the objectives that are intended to be achieved, as well as the means and time planning to achieve them. The research plan must be approved by the CAPD.

Each doctoral student may modify their Research Plan when they deem it necessary.

Activities Document

During the thesis stage, the PhD student must register all significant activities completed during such stage.

The mentioned activities will be registered by the student and will be assessed and validated annually by the tutor or supervisor (authorized profile) and by the Academic Commission of the Program (CAPD).

In order to deposit the thesis the Academic Commission of the Doctoral Programme (CAPD) demands, among other requirements, that all the compulsory programmed activities must be completed. It is recommended that you make sure that the activities are duly registered and marked as completed in the activities document.

Annual Monitoring and Evaluation

The monitoring of the research work of doctoral students will be evaluated annually by the Academic Committee of each Doctoral Program through the assessment of the Activities Document and the development of the Research Plan.

In the event of a negative evaluation, the doctoral student will be re-evaluated in the following year. In the case of two negative evaluations in consecutive courses, the doctoral student will be permanently removed from the Doctoral Program.

Conflict resolution

The doubts or controversies that arise in relation to the agents involved in the development of the Doctoral Program will be submitted in the first place to the Academic Commission of the Program by the interested parties .

In the event that the doubts or controversies conclude in a conflict, they will be transferred to the corresponding Doctoral School. Then, the corresponding agreement will be communicated to the affected parties. The legitimized persons may file an appeal against this agreement before the rector of the University.