Doctoral Programme in Chemical Sciences and Technology

PhD students

PhD students admitted to the doctoral program will sign up annually. At the time of admission, a thesis supervisor and a tutor will be assigned by the CAPD to each PhD student

The duration of full-time and part-time PhD studies will be a minimum of eighteen months and a maximum of three and five years, respectively. The PhD student can request an extension, of 12 months for the doctoral student who was always full-time and 24 months if he/she was always part-time. There is the exceptional possibility of requesting a second extension of 12 months, regardless of the type of dedication (full or partial).

After enrollment in the program, each PhD student will have her/his activities document for the individualized record of the training activities developed. All the activities of interest for the development of the PhD student will be registered in it and on the basis of which the annual report will be prepared, which will be regularly reviewed by the tutor and the Thesis Director and supervised annually by the CAPD.